14 comments on “Cameras

  1. I love Nikon, mainly because of the service in South Africa. Regretably my D100 was stolen in Milan in May and now I just use a little CoolPix P4 for work until I can afford a new camera.
    Any advice on a new one would be appreciated. Thinking of a D80 or D200.

  2. I’m a Canon user. I currently use a Digital Rebel XT and love it. Of course, it’s becoming more and more “outdated”, but I won it in a contest, so I can’t complain.

    My next camera will be the Canon 40D. I’ve never had any problems with my Canon (over 9000 shutter releases) and don’t plan on switching companies. Unless, of course, I win a new Nikon D3!!

    Take care.

  3. I just purchased a Nikon D80. I hope to be able to use some of your tips. I’m nervouse about leaving behind me old Nikon n65 SLR. I’m an old fashioned girl.

  4. I have a Canon 7D, and I have to admit, it’s a very nice bit of kit. It takes beautiful images, (shame I can’t) and is easy to use. The only downside i will say is the movie mode, the audio is terrible when used in live band situations or anywhere where the level of sound is higher then normal, it just can’t handle it well. Oh well, I’m sure they will fix that oneday.


    • Personally, I would recommend the Canon 18-55, this lives on my camera, I know it’s a short range, but as its on the 7D with a x1.6 crop it works out fairly good and it’s good value for money, unless you go for the 24-105, that would be awesome. I’d buy the faster lenses if you can justify it, all mine are f2.8 it does make the world of difference 🙂

      All the best.

  5. I have the Nikon D90 and love it! Thinking, that we might save up our pennies and get the Canon Eos 5D Mark II next, though (my hubby has always been a Canon man).

  6. I Use a Pentax K200d and Pentax K5 I love the metal bodies of these cameras and the weatherproof lens that they come with.I have family with nikon and cannon the shots on all three are very clear but one of them broke the body ,because it dropped accidently and i it was costly to repair ,if the camera had a metal body ,that condition would not have existed

  7. I am from India, awaiting my Canon T3i from US (shopped during giveaway) with 50mm 1.8, 18-55mm 3.5 (kit), 55-250mm to be shipped, may be by next month. Right now i got my PS Canon A720IS and my mob cam :). Hope I could practice my skills on this before getting my hands on my first DSLR.
    Your posts helped a lot to study about techniques. Thank you.

  8. One of the best digital cameras ever was the Nikon D300,which has alot of features for the beginner to the expert.

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