What Do I Think Of “Trick Photography and Special Effects” by Evan Sharboneau?

I have not come across a trick photography and special effects book I have loved more. I don’t normally do reviews, but felt that this was worth doing.I emailed Evan to say hi. He knew of me and very generously gave me a copy of his book, and all the bonuses. I was pleasantly surprised and accepted with gratitude.

I opened and here’s my official opinion on it:
The Trick Photography Book written by Evan Sharboneau is an intensive and interesting book. It is sure to enlighten photographers of all levels on the method to get those special effects photographs. Even for those that may have never picked up a digital camera in their lives or are using uncomplicated cameras a lot of special effects can still be used. The book even offers to help photo enthusiasts in a simple and very easy to understand way.

I really loved its strategies, approaches and was delighted to read the whole book from front to cover. Evan has done himself proud. There is a huge selection of information in the book. And I was constantly saying “Wow!” And “Holy Moly, check that out! I would love to do that!”

I loved:

Long Exposure Effects and Light Painting
Setting the Shutter Speed
Setting the Aperture
Setting the ISO
Setting the White Balance
and Generic Common Settings for Light Paintings

These just some of the countless things you will discover in the book.

He talks a lot about the best lighting and other really great techniques you can do in the post processing end of your photography. I liked the way he went into specific detail and defined how the whole thing works together, from start to finish, to create your final image. Lighting is the key to photography and Evan covers this extensively.

When you first open the book you are hit with a enormous table of contents.

It feels a little overwhelming to begin with because the info he provides is so big. He not only goes into all the things you need to know like lighting, but talks about dslr’s, composition, software and other technical facts, which he describes very easily and straightforwardly.

High Speed Photography
One of my favourite aspects to his book was the section High Speed Photography. Want to see what a balloon looks like when it pops? Its high speed photography but the pictures look like they have been photographed in slow motion. This is the section you won’t want to miss. He explains all the equipment you will need (yes you can set this up at home) where to buy the gear and how to put it all together.

The photos are outstanding. Jaw-dropping, in fact. I really felt myself getting excited by the possibility of photographing my own high speed photos. I can’t wait to try this.

Evan also covers a segment on Bubbles and macro photography. The images are stunning and you are truly transported to another world by examining at them. You can produce amazing effects, abstract photos and extremely interesting photos of macro bubbles. You see the dazzling swirls of the water across the surface of the bubble and the patterns look like something out of a fantasy book.

Photographing smoke is also in the book, fortunately. I am thankful because I get so many people asking me how to photograph smoke. Now I can refer them to Evans book. I love this part a lot. He talks about the light, backdrops and what you need to precisely capture smoke and produce attractive and spectacular patterns. You don’t have to use cigarette smoke; you can also use the smoke from an incense stick.


I have been a photographer for many years. I know how hard it can be when you are first starting out to not only take good photos, but special effects. Evan makes this process easy, enjoyable and really enlightening. I highly recommend this book. I am recommending it to all my clients who learn about taking photos.

It’s easy to learn from and fun to create your very first special effects photos. I advise grabbing yourself a copy. It’s worth $97 but I seriously think he should be asking for double the price. It’s worth so much more than it’s current cost. It just shows the generous nature of the author.

Amy Renfrey

If you would like to have a closer look yourself, then just go to his website and look at The Trick Photography book.


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