What Does A Nikon Shooter Think Of The New Canon L Series Lens?

As a professional photographer I am often asked “what camera should I buy?” My response is always “whatever gets you the results.” It might be an elusive response, and I certainly don’t mean to sit on the fence with it…but it’s really true.

And I have fantastic Nikon gear and was sold on Nikon….until recently….I used the latest Canon 70-200mm f 2.8 IS L series lens on the weekend. I was asked to shoot a wedding and used this lens to do so. And my goodness….the quality!

Incredibly sharp, smooth, easy to use.

One thing I noticed the most about this lens was that it did everything I wanted. I didn’t have to mess around with focusing, or shifting my position to get a better depth of field. it just did it for me. And boy, was I impressed!

I won’t show you the wedding shots just yet because my clients haven’t gone through the images and it’s fair they see them before you do- but I can show you the shots of the second shoot I did.

Here are a few examples…..

Copyright by Amy Renfrey

The same in colour…

Copyright by Amy Renfrey

Copyright by Amy Renfrey

And the same in colour…

Copyright by Amy Renfrey

So what do I think of the Canon 70-200mm 2.8 L IS USM lens? I think my defection is complete….

If you want to learn how to take photos like the ones above then I can teach you, easily, quickly and super fast.

Just go to my website to find out how. www. Digital Photography Success. com

Happy shooting,



14 comments on “What Does A Nikon Shooter Think Of The New Canon L Series Lens?

  1. I love this lens, I’ve been using it for a year now. But it is heavy, but it’s worth it for the great quality it is able to get. Thanks for the great post Amy!

  2. Thanks for a great post Amy. I used this lens and found it sharp as well. I took photos of my sons Christening and the shots turned out well. I used to be a Nikon shooter too! Have you used the Canon 50mm prime?

  3. I have been interested your blog for a about a year now and thought I would say hi. It really enjoy you entries Amy. Is there a way to subscribe to your site via email?

    • Hi Minne, Thanks for your note. Yes you can get more information from me. I’ve got so much stuff on photography available for people here: www. DigitalPhotographySuccess. com

      (No spaces in the url, I just don’t want Worpress thinking I am spamming anyone! That’s not my intention.

      Go over to my website and check everything out. You are very welcome to email me anytime too.


  4. You can also click “Subscribe By Email To This Site” at the bottom of this message box, it’s a quick way to find out all the new articles on this blog.

  5. I have heard some people saying L series makes pgotography easy. I don’t know how far that is true. Is it like you need to dabble around with a normal lens and then proceed to L..I don’t think so. thoughts

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