The Magic Of A 50mm Prime

Every so often you get asked “which lens is your favourite?” I often reply with “the one that gets me the best shots for what I am doing at the time.” But! There is one lens that really does take a priority in my kit, and that’s the gorgeous canon 1.2 50mm.

Not only does this lens perform beautifully in low light, but it’s highly responsive. It’s a very sensitive lens- meaning that when you make a change to the aperture or shutter, it changes significantly. It’s fast and performs beautifully even at an f stop of 1.2.

I thought I’d try the lens out on my cheapo Canon 300D. This camera doesn’t respond very well to highlights or shadows and can’t compute when there are both within the one image. The camera really has no idea what to do!
So I thought I’d put a beautiful lens on a cheapy camera and see what the difference would be in my standard lenses and the gorgeous 50mm prime.

This is what the lens looks like:

And here is what some of the photos look like with this lens:

I love the clarity and sharpness with this lens. I’ll be featuring it in Octobers Ezine which you can find on my website.

www. Digital Photography Success. com

WordPress do not like me placing an active link to my site on my blog, but just copy and paste and remove the spaces and you’ll see what it’s all about!


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