Looking Closer At Your Digital Photography

You know, light is pretty important in photography. In fact it’s really the most important thing. Yes, you’ve heard me say this before, but how often to do we take a picture then get it home and realize it as blurry or the light is not quite right?

 Take careful note of the clarity of your linear objects. For example, take this photo that I took.

Manly Train Station Steps
Manly Train Station Steps

Looks ok ,right? Composition is right and the exposure is good? Look closer… I took as a good example to show you that even though you might think you can get away with a tripod in low light, you actually can’t. Low light might as well be midnight to your camera.


If you enlarge it, you’ll quickly see that not using a tripod has its consequences. The lines are blurry and as a result, satisfaction is no where to be seen. Do take note of the clarity of your lines such as hand rails or lamp posts. Particularly metallic lines in images are a really good way to tell if your image is really sharp.


The reason I say to enlarge your images is because if you want to frame the photo into an 8×10 for example, then looking at it quite large on the computer gives you an idea of what it will look like on the wall. If you notice a few things you don’t like, then those things become more pronounced when you print and frame it.

Also, there are not many photographic places that print digital images in true black and white. Be ready so see some slightly washed out grays and decrease of tonal range in your digital black and whites. You’ll notice the mid-tone grays are the most affected.

You do have to be conscious about every move you make with black and white photography. There are more requirements to produce really top quality images and the secret lies in the post-processing. But, it’s a precision art well worth it.

Happy Shooting,

Amy Renfrey


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