The Many Faces Of Daisy

Last year one of my cats, Paddy, died. His sister “Feathers” was so stressed out by the loss of her brother she experienced health problems for a short while.

I was heartbroken and missing having two cats. I didn’t know if I was ready for another one. So I decided to foster a neglected and abandoned cat to see if it would work out. We didn’t know if Feathers would be ok with a second cat after her brother died. We all loved Paddy very, very much.

A woman from an animal foster organisation called “Pets Without Partners” told me she had a cat that needed a home desperately. I agreed to take her on a foster-care basis only and that I wouldn’t be getting attached as this was a trial process and I was still grieving over Paddy.

The minute this foster cat came to me I fell in love. Her name is Daisy and she’s lived with us now for 10 months. She’s a real character with a big, loving and gentle personality. She’s fantastic and I just love her dearly. She doesn’t “replace” Paddy but she brings us a lot of love, joy and fun. She’s a gem and we love her very much.

She’s got her own blanket, bowl, water dish, bed, tennis ball, old socks and a peg on a string.  She especially loves the couch on front of the heated air conditioner unit. It blows warm air from the wall onto the couch and she stretches out on her back, tummy exposed, paws up, head back and mouth open. It’s very sweet.

She’s incredibly smart. She’s work out how to push the curtains aside horizontally to get a better look outside the window. She’s worked out many things around the house like this.

Daisy loves to talk. You can have a conversation with her. I have learnt what types of “meows” she has and what meow means what. If you talk to her, she’ll keep talking right back all day long. I love that she’s very vocal.

When we come home in the afternoon, we see her waiting in the window. As we approach the front door, she jumps down and pushes back the curtain next to the door to get a better look. We open the door and she talks and talks to us! She will roll on her back and talk some more. She really loves us.

Feathers didn’t like her to begin with, but over time she’s gotten used to having Daisy around. She’s okay with her now.

Daisy is very attached to me, wanting to be with me all day. She doesn’t want to be alone and when I’m home, will be by my side (literally) as long as she can. She just loves company. These breeds don’t like being solo.

Daisy is part Norwegian Forest Cat.  You can read about the breed here.

Norwegian Forest Cat

I hope you enjoy these photos.



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