When The Seasons Change- So Does Your Photogtraphy

I was thinking the other day how much we all love to take photos and what happens when the old season ends and the new one begins. Knowing that my camera has a good lens (the most important thing) tells me that I need to watch my light a little bit more and to take care in the new weather. Right now, in Australia its going from cool to warm.

I used to live in Melbourne which is a far better city to live in, as I realise having been away from it for 2 years. Its more lively, cultural and people are a lot more progressive and open minded than up here in 1985. Anything, enough of the gripe, back to photography….

My main thought for today is that as the seasons change so does our photography. You need to be aware of the changing light. Changing light means the mornings might offer you a sweeter light or not as much light as before. This is great, because you can get outside with your camera and take some new shots as the seasons change.

Have a look at these beautiful photos:



Don’t forget just because it’s winter doesn’t mean your light is not as much consideration. A snow scene can blow out your exposure or a normal winter scene can have light bouncing off other objects such as glass, water and walls.


2 comments on “When The Seasons Change- So Does Your Photogtraphy

  1. I find taking photos in winter time really tough ! For example i had this gr8 scene few weeks ago,but unfortunately it was snowing heavily and the sun was hidden behind thick clouds.Out of ~40 captures only this one turned out to be so so not that bad.
    Anyhow,what tips could you give us for shooting outside in winter time ? Light is reflecting from all directions,often sky is overexposed etc.

  2. I am sorry but seems the comment system doesnt let me post a link from imageshack.us with the image.Anyways,the point was only one shot turned out to be perhaps not that bad.

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