My first Camera Review- The New Ricoh Caplio RR770 Digital Camera

You know, I’ve never done a camera review before. But I thought I’d give it a try. To start with I thought I’d post this article about Ricoh and they new digital camera. What do you think?

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Cheers, Amy.


Ricoh has released the new Ricoh Caplio RR770, a sleek entry level digital compact camera that adds exciting and useful features to its popular Caplio RR750 predecessor.

The Caplio RR770 comes equipped with a 7.16-inch megapixel CC and new crystal-clear 3.0-inch color TFT-LCD monitor that offers easier viewing while capturing images and playback. It also features a 3x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom, for a combined 12x zoom and has the ability to tackle almost any photographic situation with ease. It can also capture videos (320×240 pixels resolution at 30 frames/second).

The Caplio RR770 comes with 32 MB of internal memory giving it the capacity to take many beautiful pictures right out of the box. If additional storage space becomes necessary the Caplio RR770 can be added with an SD Card, a widely used and easily available storage medium.

Having an elegant black body, RR770 works on AA batteries. The digital camera can be hooked up to a computer through a USB cable to transfer photos. It also comes with a software to improve the images and create panoramic images.

This compact camera has been developed for beginners and has all the point-and-shoot freedom. The six scene modes ensure many exciting options for adding a touch of creativity to the digital imagery. In addition, in the mode dial settings of Auto, Program, Portrait, Landscape, Sports, Night Scene as well as Movie mode, you get a wide range of choices and high level of usability.

The Caplio RR770 is the most recent addition to Ricoh’s popular, award-winning range of digital cameras, whose outstanding performance, value for money and stylish designs has won favor with photographers throughout the world.

Bundled with an AV cable, a camera pouch and hand strap, the price and availability of the Ricoh Caplio RR770 digital camera is not yet clear.,id,22,site_layout,sdaindia,news,22712,p,0.html



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4 comments on “My first Camera Review- The New Ricoh Caplio RR770 Digital Camera

  1. Thanks for sharing Amy.
    The best source for a digital camera review is one that you write yourself. As a professional photographer (teacher and author) yourself, you can try your camera and compare everything that you do with it to the things that it claims to be.

  2. It became from the past working with rolls of film loading and reloading. Now we don’t need fumbling around in the thrill of the moment because you need to reload your camera.

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