Using Design To Improve Your Digital Photography




Did you know that one of the fundamental things that makes your photography work lines and shapes? One handy thing I did to teach myself about photography was to grab copies of magazines that feature architecture, advertising photos, portraits and sculpture and learn from what I was seeing.

Our composition is the placement of things in our digital photos. Lines and shapes are what give us our strength in our composition. So it makes sense to always examine your lines. Lines can mean how straight lines become curved, how curved lines become straight.

To demonstrate this point, think of a road running into the distance. You can emulate this strong composition in your every day photography by using this as a guide by the straight lines. In other words take the design of this type of photo and take shots that have featured lines too. You can start practicing using strong lines in your composition with every day objects such as knives and forks, paper, pens etc. Use the start of lines as main focal points.

It’s a good idea to look at professional photos to gain insight into your own photography. Even landscapes and beaches have beautiful lines and shapes you can study to improve your own photography.

And the best design of all? The simple design with a main line that creates direction is the best. Keep it simple and you can’t go wrong.

Happy Shooting,

Amy Renfrey


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