Perfect Landscape Photography

Last week I was away on a family matter. (All okay.) On the way back I detoured through some delicious landscapes, valleys, and rolling hills. Soon I’ll post some of these pictures and talk about how I got the shots and what I specifically did to get them.

I live in Queensland, Australia now, as a change from Melbourne Victoria. Queensland is a subtropical state which doesn’t really have a winter, as opposed to Melbourne which pretty much has a winter 8 months of the year. So as you can imagine the adjustment is quite significant.

There are some fantastic photo opportunities up here and I’ve taken some of them. The “winter” light in Queensland is probably the best light all year. It softens hard lines, shapes and distinct sharpness.

So stay tuned and you’ll get to see some images. Promise. 🙂

Amy Renfrey


2 comments on “Perfect Landscape Photography

  1. Hey Amy!

    Landscape Photography is one of my favorite! There is just so much to photograph in nature that you’ll never run out of subject matter.

    My family and I just returned from visiting her family in Germany. I took over 600 pictures in the 3 weeks we were there! Although it was quite cold and foggy most of the time, I did manage to get a few shots.

    If you’d like to see what I ended up with, just visit me over at

    And I look forward to seeing your pictures from “Down Under”!

    Take care.


    PS – I just realized we both picked the same WordPress Theme! Weird!!

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