Winter Colour And Digital Photography

Winter and colour in digital photography is one of the most beautiful aspects about digital photography. The light that winter offers us provides a great relief from the harsh, unforgiving sunlight causes hard shadows for our digital photography. We can loose detail and definition during the summer months whilst partaking in digital photography, and can be very disappointing.

One great thing about winter light and digital photography is that the scene you are working with often shows you colour that isn’t seen as easily in hard light. The way it works is that the filtered effect of winter light helps us see the other colours that otherwise get lost in the warmer summer months.

The soft pale greens and pastel yellows in a digital photography scene can become lost in the overexposed contract of the outdoor summer sun. With digital photography in winter, those pastel yellows and pale greens become soft shades of a bigger colour, providing a great opportunity to show themselves as a more true and real presence on your digital photo.

And don’t forget about black and white photography during winter. An already black and white scene can make tremendous black and white photos in digital photography. Black and whites of subjects that are already black and white prove to have more of a contrasting effect. If you take this effect with soft winter light you will often find that your black and white digital photos retain some dramatic qualities about them.

Just remember though, when you are metering for black and white during winter time on the auto setting, your camera will want to underexpose the black areas and overexpose the whites. Just find a medium shade of grey in your scene and meter off that, providing you with some mid ground for exposure. This will work from a focus point of view if you are shooting some distance away.

I hope you are thinking of winter now with a new perspective. It’s a beautiful time for light and the filtered effect can bring otherwise pale colours out into the open making them appear more colorful. Black and white photography during winter can also provide some dramatic images as well. Work with this beautiful light.

Amy Renfrey


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