The Secret To Digital Photography Part 1

It’s very exciting starting digital photography. You might even invest in your first digital camera; it’s really a world unknown until you learn some digital photography tips and perhaps even go on a few day outings and take several digital photos.

But really, what does it take to get your digital photography from frustrating “why-won’t-it-turn-out” to “wow-it-looks-like-a-professional-digital-photo” standard?

That’s easy; there are three secrets to digital photography that you must know or you might be frustrated for a long time. So here is the first secret:

Digital photography secret 1; Light.

It sounds pretty simple doesn’t it, almost too simple to be a ‘secret’. But I tell you its not. If you understand that in digital photography your light is one of the top three elements to success then you will be on your way to creating digital photos to be proud of.

Always aim for even light over your digital photo image. If you have the whole scene and the whole subject well light so there are no hard shadows making it difficult to focus on then you are on your way to success.

You may have heard that cloudy days are a key element to a digital photography- my response to this is “most definitely but do you know why?” The whole issue of light in digital photography is getting even light over the scene as I just mentioned. You see sun light during the day can either work as your best friend or a complete enemy. It can create huge patches and lines of hard light that create and cast shadow over your scene or subject making it impossible to create a good digital photo.

You can have sensational digital photography images if you just know how to work with the strong sunlight. Have your light/sunlight cast over the front of the your subject so your digital image has evenly spread light on it, so no hard shadows or lines are created. This is precisely why digital photography can be enjoyable on cloudy days; because the light is evenly cast for us, making our jobs as digital photographers easier.

So make sure that when you are outside doing digital photography that the light is evenly spread over your subject and don’t be afraid of cloudy days. And don’t worry about the sun; it’s all in the positioning of the light and avoiding hard light that is a fundamental key element to successful digital photography.



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