The Digital Photography Technical Stuff Made Easy

Have you ever wondered how some people can get such good digital photos every time, and yet some are left struggling with trying to work out how to get a good shot?

I was like that too.

It took me what felt like ages to work out what they were doing that I wasn’t. And I can tell you an easy way to start taking good pictures. And that is understand the technical side of digital photography. This doesn’t take long and is all explained in plain, easy to understand every day language that a kid could understand in my eBook Digital Photography Success. After all why complicate it right?

When writing the eBook I wanted to take the complicated terms that baffle us normal people and transform the meanings so everyone who read it would be very comfortable with the meanings. If you are comfortable and relaxed in your understanding you learn so much better. (If only school was like that eh?)

So lets have a look at some of the more common things you have to know in order to get great digital pictures.

Light- the camera focuses on light and even looks for light. Without light the camera can’t focus on anything and you will have a dull image. In order to let light in the camera needs to open its ‘eye’. This ‘eye’ is called aperture.

When the aperture is open wide more light can come in. When doing night photography you need to open the eye as much as you can to allow time to let the light in to get a clear picture.

The amount of speed at which it does this I liken to the ‘eye lid’ blinking. The camera allows as much light is also if the shutter or ‘eye lid’ is open long enough to get the clarity needed for a good picture. The faster this eye moves, the quicker the light will come in.

These two main aspects of digital photography are important to help you understand the process and how the camera works. By understanding how the camera works you can get better control of it. Once you have control, you have great images. It’s as simple as that.

I don’t have enough time to explain about the rest of the technical stuff in one email today, but I’ve explained them in great detail in Digital Photography Success. I’ve taken ALL the professional technical terms and turned them into explanations like the above. After all it’s photography, and professional photography techniques should be available and easy to understand.

No more confusion or feeling as if professional photography is above you. It’s all there and available for you at anytime in Digital Photography Success.



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