How To Get Beautiful Autumn Digital Photos

Digital Photography and autumn (Fall) sometimes feel as if they’re made for each other. Autumn is nature’s clever way of providing us with a festival of colour. It’s a digital photography dream to capture to magnificent colours of the trees at this time. The blood red, the warm, vibrant yellows and the bright greens create the most magnificent contrast and complimentary colour forms so very pleasing to the eye. It’s almost as though nature has come into its own beautiful confidence all of a sudden. So how do you capture the magnificence?

Firstly you must remember that all good digital photography is based on light. Your light will fall differently on things after summer. The light of summer is great, but it can create hard contrasting shadows. Now, with autumn, the light seems to soften, and depending on which part of the world you live in, this softening light can offer you some amazing digital photography opportunities not to ever be missed.

The main thing to remember here is that the colours contrast well. To create the bold contrast you can pick a clear day with blue sky and have a red and yellow autumn tree against it. You can also go macro and get a digital photo of contrasting colour in leaves; that also makes a nice digital photo.

Autumn provides many warm shades of brown too. The brown tones complimented with darker shades of red and yellows can create a delicate and almost feminine feel to your digital photography.

Don’t forget to use the autumn colours against not only blue sky but dark pavements, and pathways too. The dark brown/black of a pathway with vibrant dotted colours of red and golden leaves can create some stunning effects pretty easily. Just get your composition right and leave the rest to nature.

Now get that camera and go outside!

Best wishes,

Amy Renfrey


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