A Secret Way To Improve Your Digital Photography

I want to share something with you about digital photography.

Digital photography is an art form….this you know. But did you know what one of the secrets I use in my photography? And use this if you are stumped for ideas on how to take that all-important photograph.

That is this: Forget about photography altogether. Sometimes this will be the best thing you can do in digital photography is to forget you are taking a photo and just absorb the scene.

Okay I know I am sounding obscure… I’ll explain.

Its easy to get caught up with all aspects of digital photography. So caught up in fact that you can forget how the heck to take that picture. You can experience ‘brain overload’ and not end up getting any good photographs at all. You try too hard.

You know what I did when I first started learning digital photography? Instead of trying to perfect the scene I forgot about it and just sat and looked at it. I let the beauty of the scene inspire me and quite my mind. I stop thinking for a minute and became absorbed in the moment of the scene.

I would just look and look and breathe out saying “oh wow, isn’t that beautiful?”

Only then would I take the photo, not before. I would get into that meditative frame of mind and let THAT dictate my digital photographs.

You see my good friend, your ability in digital photography is not only the technical, its about the heart. It’s about letting the heart and mind come together, applying some sound techniques and creating art with that camera of yours.

Artistic first, technical second.

Don’t be too caught up in what camera to buy etc. Really all you need is a damn good lens and a camera that will give you as many different exposures as possible. To take good, professional standard digital photos you need the lens first, then the camera controls after. The lens is king.
No good lens, no good photos. Its simple.

Just relax, and look at why you were drawn to the scene or subject in the first place. Then free your mind of what you “should” do, and then take a few shots. See what you come up with.

It will be a better digital photo if you free your mind of clutter and relax and focus on the artistic side first.

Best of luck,

Amy Renfrey

All pictures are copyrighted to Amy Renfrey. If you want to use them commercially, do the right thing and just go to my website and email me.


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